Corona virus

Covid19 is a concern to everyone but the media have made it into more of a problem than it should be. Some of you will know I have a bit of knowledge about Public Health. The government and WHO are expecting covid19 to spread throughout the population and for the vast majority of people this won’t be a problem, just a sore throat and feeling a little unwell. A few may get a little sicker than this and very few will get the serious complications, fewer than with the normal winter flu. However we all need to try to minimise the spread.

Based on the information in the scientific reports, I have changed my cleaning practices slightly and am using slightly different cleaning solutions which should minimise the chances of cross infection between guests. However, I also ask guests to follow the Public Health England advice of thorough washing of hands using soap, sneezing and coughing into your elbow or use a tissue and then disposing of the tissue into the bins in the bathrooms, not recycling bins.