February 2019 (2)

The Spinney has just been awarded a Bronze award with Green tourism. There are a number of things I have been doing to improve sustainability of the The Spinney. Any suggestions you have when you come and stay are more than welcome. I have managed to get most of the breakfast from local suppliers. The eggs are now from Shirwell. There are still improvements to be made though and things will change throughout summer. I met with Terry, the local honey supplier and he has found a lovely spot for a hive in the woods. By July we will have honey from our own hive.

Last time I said that I would tell you more about Devon artists. At the moment, I’ve got the work of two Shirwell artists hanging up in the Snug and in the conservatory. Ingrid Allen has done the pastels of North Devon. Some years ago she was responsible for creating the lovely pottery plaques with numbers you see on the room doors, she is a woman of many talents!

Lynn Campbell has done the stained-glass pieces which are just a lovely way of adding colour to any room.There are a large number of sun-catchers hanging up in the conservatory, lovely to look at


There are more local artists who will be displaying their work throughout the year too, so this is just a small selection of what’s to come. The art is for sale, so if you want any of the pieces, just ask me when you come to visit or drop me an email!

Bodge the cat started the week by venturing out, braving all kinds of elements. He went outside for a whole half hour the other day before deciding that he had vital business to attend to inside, namely sitting on my paperwork. With all the exercise I thought he may even get his summer body back in time for next October but alas, it proved too much and he has spent the later part of this week just observing again from his vantage point, refusing to venture into the fresh air.