Great excitement with the bees at the Spinney. The second hive looked very quiet for a couple of weeks then activity began to build up. Late last week it appeared both new queens mated so now we have two active hives.


Today we began to get the honey off the first hive. I am learning a lot. The bees do such an amazing job. When they have filled a cell they seal it with wax to store the honey.


The wax is scraped off the frames which are then spun gently to get the honey out of the structure.


The honey is then filtered, only to remove the bigger debris.


It is left to settle for 48 hours then sealed in sterile jars, not heated. This procedure means the propolis is still present in honey from The Spinney. I have been given a special jar to serve up with the Oaty Pancakes, well I did have to try it first. It has a lovely wild taste, almost grassy reflecting the wild flowers in the woods and Shirwell. It is delicious.