January 2019

Happy New Year!


As 2019 dawns on Devon’s green vales, something is brewing in the village of Shirwell. After 7 years of owning and running The Spinney, Jo and David have taken their leave to find further fields, equipped with a burning wanderlust, and a fully equipped Hymer campervan, they leave with the best wishes of the village and the community having made The Spinney everything it is today. Those of us still here wish them the best for the future and bon voyage!

But what has become of The Spinney? From the Eastern flatlands of suburban Cambridgeshire, I’ve arrived to take up the mantle. I moved in just before the end of 2018 to find my feet in the B&B in the off season. With the help of Jo and David and a warm welcome from the community, I feel like I’ve been given the best possible start and plan to continue in their footsteps.

Spring is due, just around the corner, behind that prophesised cold-snap, my efforts are going into making sure that I can start off just as well as the new year. Around The Spinney, everything is looking pristine and neat, with a fresh vegetarian and vegan breakfast menu. Vegetable fritters and beetroot and bean patties, it’s a new take on a traditional English staple that even the most voracious carnivore would be tempted by. Don’t worry if that’s not your cup of tea though- the traditional options are still available plus a few additions!

Fancy new foods that aren’t just for breakfast? Exmoor Food Fest is right around the corner too, kicking off at the start of February. Local restaurants and eateries sign up provide a menu that exemplifies what makes this part of the country so fantastic for food. So while you stay at the Spinney and have a wonderful locally sourced breakfast you can continue to eat some of the best of the region over the rest of the day. If this sounds like your type of thing, give it a look at exmoorfoodfest.com

Looking forward to seeing you soon!