July 2019

As summer is finally starting, the grapes in the conservatory are beginning to ripen, causing a lot of discussion. My tiny lemon tree has got so excited by this display it has put forward a couple of buds of its own however I think it is a little young to produce fruit and I will nip these off – the tree itself is smaller than a lemon being only a few months old. I am enjoying the North Devon summer. It is quite moderate and we are not sweltering here.

I made another batch of rhubarb and strawberry jam. It is interesting, there is a stronger taste of rhubarb to this one. For anyone staying there is also fresh elderflower cordial. It is such quintessential taste of summer flowers, and doesn’t last for long.

I have begun a new recycling scheme in the rooms, which as I said in a previous blog, uses glitter and so it should work. I have made some wildly glittery covers for jam jars to remind you to put used teabags into them, all dry recycling can be put into the bin in the room and everything non recyclable can be thrown into the bin the bathroom.

Finally, just so you are assured -the most reliable sign of  warm weather is Bodge appearing outside for more than 5 minutes a day.