June 2019

It has been a busy month. The bees seem to have settled and Terry the apiarist thinks we should get a few pots of honey by the end of the summer. I will be serving it with the Oaty Pancake Stack if you want to come and try it. There have certainly been an abundance of flowers  for the bees in the spinney under the trees. The wisteria has been in full bloom and I noticed the bees love it. The hydrangeas are just beginning, there are tempting little hints which suggest a multitude of different coloured flowers. Even if the bees are not so tempted, I am really looking forward to the display.

Working towards making The Spinney more sustainable, I have made some beeswax wraps to cover food and dishes. They are lovely colours, smell wonderful and decrease my use of cling film and aluminium foil. I will be changing the way you can dispose of rubbish in the rooms to encourage recycling over the next few weeks. I am very interested to hear how people find using the new bin system.

As the season moves forward and different fruits are coming into season, I am beginning to make different jams and conserves for breakfasts. The ginger and rhubarb has a lovely little bit of heat to it and is proving very popular. My strawberry jam went very fast. I have just made some rhubarb and strawberry jam which has a lovely fruity flavour.







Despite the variable weather, we have had some lovely days and you will never guess what was spotted outside. Exercise is not his strong point.