March 2019

As you might have seen on Facebook, it’s been an amazing week at The Spinney! It started out with The Spinney receiving a visit from the AA on Pancake Day. This went really well- the stay was rated 4-stars overall, but more importantly, I was given a breakfast award thanks to the locally sourced sausages, eggs and trout that feature on the morning menu! If you don’t want to take my word for it, the AA make special reference to the sausages on their website.

The Green Tourism board also  increased our Bronze Award to a Silver one later in the week, so my commitment to recycling and increasing the efficiency around the place is starting to pay off! Environmental awareness is becoming ever more important, and it’s something particularly close to my heart, so this was a particularly meaningful award to get. The next and final stage of the Green Awards is challenging but I am looking at ways to make things easier for everyone while improving the Spinney’s environmental footprint. My current challenge is to find ways to make recycling easier. I have a plan which involves glitter so I am sure it will work.

If you want to take a look at the AA review or the Green Awards, I’ll put the links here so you can go and see what they have to say:

Green Awards:


There are still a few rooms available over Easter if you want to come and try the (award winning!) breakfasts, so either ring, message or email. If you don’t want to come down to Shirwell just yet, but life at The Spinney still piques your interest, be sure to have a look around at the older blog posts!

In case you are wondering what the resident cat is up to; he is still unwilling to venture into the great outdoors. This could be due to the fairly strong winds we are getting at present or then again it could be sheer laziness. His girth means he is unlikely to be swept off his feet but he has never been keen on fresh air in winter. We shall see if he ventures out as the weather improves.